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Helping Youth Plan for Excellence (HYPE)

(HYPE) is a performing arts group for youth desiring to refine skills in the areas of Music, Dance and Drama. It is an outreach ministry of the Calvary Community Outreach Network and involves youngsters from churches, schools, and community centers around the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Helping Your Plan for Excellence is a media leadership group that creates a positive setting for urban youth ages 10- 21. The project utilizes student involvement in media as the vehicle to establish ongoing youth development activities.

Since 1999, HYPE members have produced quality television programming giving accurate, culturally sensitive HIV/AIDS and substance abuse prevention information to their peers in an up-beat entertaining way. Students learn the basics of video work including camera operation, editing and audio as well as interviewing techniques.

The groundbreaking stage play “The Lot” features the outstanding work of the youngsters as they give a stirring performance designed to help their peers consider life decisions.


There is a lot of stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS and this is often driven by fear of the unknown. Knowing the facts is the first step to reducing stigma. It also helps to use non-discriminatory language, so here are some guidelines to help.

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